Cold Bruer Smooth, Naturally Sweet Cold Brew Coffee.

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    "Kick the soda to the curb and save the cash from your coffee jar in favor of something that looks good and tastes better."

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    “Enjoy Heavenly Iced Coffee at Home With This Slow-Drip Cold Brew System”

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    “Cold Bruer Makes Finely Tuned, Flavorful Third-Wave Coffee, for a Fraction of Coffeehouse Cost.”

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    “The obvious (and figurative!) transparency of the compact design allows you to see exactly how simple it can really be to make good coffee.”

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    “We’re happily giving this device our “Sprudge™ Stamp of Approval.”

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    “With Bruer, a chilled cup is easy to make while being less acidic and naturally sweet.”

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    “This minimalist and modern cold brewer slooowwwlllllyyyy drips water over grounds to produce a richer, smoother end product”

  • “Simple to clean and nice to look at, the product offers a complete and aesthetically pleasing brewing experience that would please any caffeine expert.”


    “Thanks to the Cold Bruer, making your own cold brew is about to get a lot easier.”

  • “true cold brewed coffee that’s tastier and naturally sweeter than most anything you can find in shops or cafes”


    “It’s silky and smooth. Not bitter at all.”

Featured Coffee:
We're helplessly drawn to natural or dry processed Ethiopian coffees. The fruity flavors are always a pleasant surprise, so we were stoked to see this Verve Coffee Roasters Lalo Natural on the shelves of our local roaster.  In dry processing, the coffee cherries are picked, and then laid out to dry. The coffee bean, still wrapped up in the fruit of the cherry, begins to ferment, and an intense fruity characteristic can develop. This fruitiness really shines in cold brew.
Featured Coffee
verve Featured Coffee