Bruer™ Cold Drip System | Bruer | Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Cold Bruer Slow Drip Cold Brew
  • Includes 100 paper filters
  • Ships in 1-2 days

This slow drip method, once only found in select specialty coffee shops, is known for producing a less acidic, less bitter cup with exceptional complexity. Drip by drip, the Bruer Cold Drip System's slow hypnotic process unmasks the natural sweetness, and full-bodied origin flavors of any coffee you brew.

• The Bruer Cold Drip System makes up to 20 fl oz of cold brew in as little as four hours
• Set it up and let it go without the risk of over extraction. Start brewing before bed or work.
• With an adjustable valve you can experiment to make the perfect coffee for you.
• Cold brew will last up to two weeks in the fridge!

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