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Cold Bruer Redesigned

From when we first came up with the concept of Cold Bruer back in early 2013, there's been at least 20 iterations on the design. Some changes were little tweaks here and there, others were much bigger. Most occurred in the months leading up to the launch of our Kickstarter campaign back in 2013.

While Cold Bruer has been out in the wild for more than a year, the iterative design process hasn't stopped. We've been continually working to make Cold Bruer even better, and this Summer, we're excited to roll out an updated design! Our original intention behind the design of Cold Bruer was to create a slow drip cold brewer for the home user. We wanted it to be compact, durable, and easy to use, and this is still the driving force behind our most recent changes.

No More Handle

The most obvious change is the removal of the handle and the necking in on the carafe. By removing the handle, we were able to reduce the amount of space Cold Bruer takes up on your counter and in your refrigerator. An added benefit was the increased durability of the carafe since there was no more fragile handle sticking out.

Measurement Markings

We added measurement markings for both the coffee and water chambers to approximate 60g and 700ml of water. These will come in handy if the batteries in your digital scale die, and your measuring cups are MIA.

Two-piece Lid

We're pretty excited about the new lid design! The original lid we designed for Cold Bruer was intended to fulfil the two functions of covering the tower during brewing, and creating an airtight seal on the Carafe. However, having to allow air to vent into the tower, but seal in the Carafe meant that it had to be loose fitting on the Tower. It did it's job, but it just didn't feel quite right. By making the lids two parts that snap together, we were able to get a good fit on the tower and an airtight seal on the Carafe.

Thicker Glass

We've increased the glass thickness to increase durability. Compared to our original Cold Bruer, this feels more like holding a pint glass than a wine glass!

Everything else is the same as the original Cold Bruer

  • Borisilicate Glass

  • Food Grade SIlicone

  • Stainless Steel

  • Makes 20 fl. oz. of delicious cold brew!

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