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What Is Cold Brew?

Cold brew coffee is deliciously smooth and naturally sweet, its less acidic and less bitter than hot brewed coffee, and pairs beautifully with milk.

Brewed over the course of several hours, with cold water. Cold brew methods extract different compounds from the coffee, resulting a completely different flavor.

Cold Bruer brewing on the counter

Cold Bruer is a simple and transparent way to make slow drip cold brewed coffee.


Made from all high quality materials; Borosilicate Glass, Stainless Steel, and Food grade silicone. Cold Bruer makes up to four cups of delicious velvety Cold brew Coffee. The adjustable valve lets you experiment with brew time between 3-12 hours, with a recommended six hour brew at one drip per second. 

the difference between slow drip and full immersion

Why Cold Bruer?

Cold Bruer uses slow drip methodology instead of the more common full immersion method resulting in higher flavor clarity, and a much cleaner coffee.  

The Cold Bruer works by slowly dripping water through a bed of coffee, where it saturates then collects in the carafe below.  Unlike full immersion there is no more attention required after set up, reducing the chances of over-extraction. 


Cold Bruer
Cold Bruer Bruer Double Walled Mugs
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