Cold Bruer Brewing Guide | Bruer | Cold Brew Coffee Maker


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Measure out 2/3 cup (60 grams)of ground coffee.

We recommend using:

• A medium grind level (pour over grind)

• Fresh roasted coffee

• Medium roast

Attach the Filter Ring to the tower.

Pour the ground coffee into the Tower.

Shake the Tower to level out the coffee.

Place the Tower onto the Carafe.

Drop in a paper filter, on top of the coffee.

Pre wet the coffee with one to two ounces of water.

Carefully push the plug into the tower.

Measure out 24 fluid ounces of an ice and water mixture.

(about half water and half ice)

Pour the mixture into the tower.

When the Laser Etched line on the Stainless Steel Valve Tube Lines up with the slot in the silicone the Valve will be fully open.


Turn the Knob clockwise to slow down the drip rate.


We recommend setting the drip rate to one drip per second which will fall somewhere in the "target range"


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