Brewing Guide | Bruer | Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Cold Brew valve diagram

Is the Cold Bruer Dishwasher Safe?
Yes. All parts of the Cold Bruer are dishwasher safe.

How long does Cold Brew coffee stay fresh?
Cold Brew coffee stays fresh for up to two weeks if properly stored in an airtight container and left in the refrigerator.

Does Cold Bruer produce a Concentrate?
No. The slow-drip method does not produce a concentrate like other methods of cold brewing. Although you can use less water in the Tower if needing to make a concentrate with the Cold Bruer. Check out our blog Making Hot Coffee with Cold Brew to find out the proper ratios.

Can I heat up Cold Brew?
Absolutely. Here’s how we do it Making Hot Coffee with Cold Brew.

Can I use a non-disposable filter instead of a paper filter?
No. The paper filter (which is an Aeropress Filter) is used to disperse the water evenly over the coffee grounds. It does not do any of the filtering itself. A non-disposable filter will not work because it will not disperse the water evenly like a paper filter will.

Can I brew with tea?
Yes, absolutely you can brew with tea. Here’s our blog post on the subject - Experiments with Tea.

Is Ice Necessary?
Yes. We highly recommend using an ice/water mixture. Keeping the water at a cool, constant temperature prevents air bubbles from forming in the water. These air bubbles are produced when the water temperature changes and they can sometimes slow or stop the valve. You can also brew in the refrigerator to help reduce the air bubbles, but we find ice works the best. It should be noted that the idea is to have ice in the tower throughout the brew cycle. Adding room temperature water on a hot summer day will most likely melt the ice quickly. We’d suggest making your best estimate for ice throughout the cycle.

I set up my Cold Bruer and the drip stopped?
This is most likely caused from the above question. Brewing with ice will prevent air bubbles from forming that slow or stop the Valve. However, another area to focus on is making sure the CO2 Valve (inner tube) is clear from all obstructions. This sometimes occurs when washing the Cold Bruer and little water droplets get in the chamber preventing the gases from escaping. To avoid this problem, always check the valve and give a light blow through the chamber to clear it from any water.

I finished my brew cycle and there are dry coffee grounds.
This is almost always due to coffee that is well past its roast date. We strongly recommend using freshly roasted coffee - preferably within one month of its roast date. If you need any recommendations on finding good coffee in your neighborhood, please send us a message and we’ll try to connect you with the closest roaster near you.

I accidentally pulled the CO2 valve out, now what?
No problem. Just make sure you insert it back through the center hole. Don’t push it through too far though. You want it to align perfectly with the bottom Silicone. If you’re still having trouble inserting the Valve, message us at and we’ll send some troubleshooting pictures to help you along.

Do you offer International Shipping?
Yes! We use USPS for all international packages. The shipping rate is $35 for international orders, and $25 for Canada.