Cold Brew Coffee | Bruer | Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold brew coffee is less acidic and less bitter than hot brewed coffee.  Why? Because hot water extracts oily compounds from the grounds that dissolve easily in hot water.  These oily compounds are high in acidity which gives hot coffee its bitter taste.   

Cold brew coffee offers a more balanced cup with increased sweetness.  By reducing the acidity, the tongue is able to experience more of the natural flavors found in coffee beans.  It has a smooth, rich texture with a sweet and aromatic finish. No need to add any sugar, it’s sweet enough as it is.

Cold brew coffee is better for the digestive system.  With less acidity, people suffering from acid reflux, heartburn or other temperamental stomach issues will find comfort with a less acidic drink.  Just heat it up and enjoy your morning ritual once again.

Cold brew coffee will bring simplicity to your home. No need for electrical outlets or heating up kettles to 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit.  Cold Brew coffee is easy to make and stays fresh for up to two weeks.  And it’s versatile and can be conveniently traveled with.

Cold brew will bring variety into your life.  Since cold brew has a more balanced taste and higher flavor clarity, experimenting with single origins is like taking a trip to the vineyard.  If you're not getting floral scents of an arabica from Africa or the chocolaty & nutty flavors of Latin America, than you're not drinking coffee.  With the many specialty coffee roasters out there, why settle for ordinary coffee when you can buy from your local roasters.  Need help finding one? Send us a message or post a question on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we’ll be sure to send you some great recommendations.  Also be sure to check out our weekly favorites on our blog!