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October 14, 2015


Mountain Air Roasting┃Ethiopian Kochere

This week’s featured coffee comes from Mountain Air Roasting out of Asheville, North Carolina. I first discovered this coffee when checking out the Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles last month. Whenever visiting new locations I always have to explore the local coffee scene, and Bear Coffee in San Clemente certainly did not disappoint.  The owner highly recommended trying out Mountain Air Roasting, and I’m sure glad he did, because it’s ripping delicious!


  • Producer:  Kochere
  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Region:  Yirga Cheffe
  • Cultivar:  Heirloom
  • Process:  N/A
  • Elevation: N/A


  • 60g medium grind
  • 700ml ice/water mix
  • 1 drip/second initial drip rate
  • 5-6 hour brew

The tasting notes on Mountain Air’s website call for Peach, Lime and Honey.  The first sips definitely lend itself to the stone fruit flavor profiles instantly.  I'd say a little more Apricot than Peach.  In either case, it's sweet and juicy with a high acidic component that adds to the citrus and lime flavors.  Overall, I'd say this coffee is light and sweet and definitely worth trying out.  You can find Mountain Air Roasting’s Ethiopia Kochere on their website here for $13.88.  You can also find it if you're in South Orange County at Bear Coffee


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