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January 08, 2015


Blue Bottle Coffee Co. El Salvador Aida Batlle Kilimanjaro

This week's featured coffee is a delicious El Salvadoran from Aida Batlle's Finca Kilimanjaro roasted by Blue Bottle. A friend of ours at Blue Bottle loved the results of this coffee in her Cold Bruer and sent us a bag of it to try out. Boy are we glad she did! 


  • Country: El Salvadore
  • Producer: Aida Batlle
  • Altitude: 1580 - 1720 MASL
  • Varietals: Bourbon and SL-28
  • Production Method: Wet-Process


  • 60g medium grind
  • 700ml ice/water mix
  • 1 drip/second initial drip rate
  • 5-6 hour brew

Blue Bottle's description reminded us of something out of an Indiana Jones adventure (violently bumpy road leads to the farm sitting on the slopes of the Ilamatepec volcano). The cold brew itself is a more tamed adventure in flavor. Immediately noticeable is a tartness that reminds us of a blend of grape and apple juice. The mild acidity is replaced with a molasses like sweetness that lingers. 

If you'd like to try it for yourself, you can get it here!

Bruer LLC
Bruer LLC


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